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Just who is David Dyer?
​Well, that's an interesting question.  I'm not sure I have a solid answer and I'm 47...I should know by now.  I've been married for 23 years and I've helped raise two daughters...one who likes me (now) and one who, hopefully, will like me down the road sometime.  I've always been able to make people laugh.  Not in a class clown kind of way...that kid was a douche bag.  When I was growing up, I had three older brothers who were much bigger than myself.  I won't detail the beatings I took, rather, I'll tell you that early on, I discovered that if I couldn't best them physically, I'd have to use my mouth.  I knew that if I could say something to Mark that would make look like an idiot to Andy and Jon, for a short period of time, I had the upper hand.  That short window was usually slammed shut by anything from a pillow across the face to a NASA-grade Melvin that assured me to be the only kid at North Oakview with a calloused butt crack.

So I knew I could be funny.  I also knew there were people in the world paying their rent being funny.  Now, how do I get there?  Well, one way to start leaning in that direction is to convince your parents that studying business was a waste of time and changing your major to Theatre was well worth the money!  Actually, I convinced one parent...the other parent died feeling I owed him $30K.

After college, I tried my hand at an open mic night and did a joke about my junior prom date that was a total lie, but got a huge laugh.  The response prompted me to go a second time, then a third, and so on.  Soon, I started working my way into guest spots, then MC'ing, then featuring, until finally, I bought a booking agent enough lunches that he let me headline some of his "B" Rooms.  

​Over the years, I have the good fortune of writing monologue material for both Bill Mahar on "ABC's Politically Incorrect" and Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night".   I've done a ton of radio fill-in for the Cumulus Broadcasting stations in Grand Rapids, MI...97 WLAV FM to name one.  I've also become a regular guest host on the nationally-syndicated "Bob and Tom Show" out of Indianapolis.

Where will I go from here?  Well, my hope is to continue with my stand up and increase the amount of writing I'll do.  I'm working on a book called "A Life I Could've Had..." and I'm also pitching a couple of television shows.  If something hits, you'll know.  Like I said, I'm 47, so that means I've got a lot of living to catch up on.  I'm pretty sure Ashley Judd and I will have a kid.